Cakes for Special Occasions

Do you have cakes for wedding?

Yes, we have 2 options for wedding cakes.

Please refer to our section on Wedding Packages for more information.


Do you have cakes for Baby’s 1st Month?

Yes, we have 4 options for Baby’s 1st Month cakes.

Please refer to our section on Baby Packages for more information.


How do I place an order for special occasion cakes?

Single Baby Rolls, Single Wedding Rolls and Wedding Assortment Boxes are available for purchase on our website.

Maximum 20 boxes for self check-out. Order slots open 1 week in advance.

Please call our hotline during office hours to enquire or email to place orders for all other Cakes for Special Occasions, or quantities larger than 20 boxes.


What is the lead time for special occasion cakes?

Order slots open 1 week in advance.

Cut off for self check out is 10am one day in advance. Cut off for all other baby packages is 4 days working days in advance.


How do I make payment for special occasion cakes?

Payment is by Visa or Mastercard on our website payment gateway or by bank transfer for items not available on our website.


Can I collect my wedding or baby package orders?

Wedding and Baby Packages are only available for delivery.

Delivery charges and terms & conditions apply.


Do you have free delivery if I order above a certain amount?

We do not provide free delivery.

We outsource our delivery services to third-party logistics companies who charge by distance and weight. Therefore, we are unable to waive the delivery charges.


I counted the number of cakes I needed wrongly, can I make changes to my order?

Once payment has been made, NO CHANGES ALLOWED. 

This includes adding or reducing quantity, changing flavours, changing delivery date and time, changing delivery address.

If changes are absolutely necessary, admin charges will be incurred.