• Do you have cakes for Baby’s 1st Month?

    Yes, we have 4 options for Baby’s 1st Month cakes.

    Please refer to our section on Baby Packages for more information.

  • I’m celebrating my baby’s 100 days. Do you have boxes for 100 days celebration or plain boxes?

    We do not have boxes for 100 days celebration or plain boxes. All our boxes have “Our Baby’s 1st Month” on them.

  • Do you provide baby cards with the baby boxes?

    We do not print or provide cards.

    However, if you have your own baby cards, you may attach them to each box when you deliver to your relatives and friends. If you arrange a multiple location delivery with us, we can help to attach your baby cards to each box when we deliver to your friends and relatives. Please kindly drop off the baby cards in our Kandahar outlet at least 4 days before delivery date.

  • Will you provide carriers for each box of cakes?

    Yes, we will provide plastic bags for each box of baby cakes ordered.

  • How do I place an order for baby packages?

    You can order up to 28 boxes of Single Baby Rolls on our website. Order slots will open 1 week in advance.

    For all other Baby Packages or order more than 28 boxes, please call our hotline 69084089 during office hours or email us at orders@richngood.com.

  • How do I make payment?

    Payment can be made using PAYNOW.

  • What is the lead time for ordering baby packages?

    Online order slots open 1 week in advance.

    Cut off for self check-out is 10am one day in advance. Cut off for all other baby packages is 4 working days in advance.

  • Do your Ang Ku Kueh contain pork, lard and alcohol?

    The Ang Ku Kueh that we get from our vendor are cooked using vegetable oil and does not contain pork, lard and alcohol.

  • Can I self-collect my baby package orders?

    Baby Packages are only available for delivery.

    Delivery charges and terms & conditions apply.

  • Do you provide delivery to multiple locations?

    Yes, we do have Multiple Location Delivery services for 30 locations and above. All deliveries need to be on the same day, within the same time slot, with the same cake flavours. Other T&Cs apply, please call our sales hotline 69084089 or email orders@richngood.com for more information and prices.

  • Can I order the cakes one day in advance and distribute them the next day?

    We strongly encourage you to distribute the cakes on the same day.

    Our cakes need to be refrigerated and have a shelf life of 2 days. If you keep the ang ku kueh and red eggs in the fridge overnight, they will need to be reheated before distribution. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to distribute them within the same day.

    If you are unable to deliver all the cakes within the same day, we advise you to split your order to be delivered on separate days.

  • I need the baby cakes to be delivered at a specific timing, what can I do?

    Our delivery timeslots are fixed at 10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm.

    If you require delivery within a specific timing, do give us a call at 69084089 for assistance. Do note that a delivery surcharge may have to be imposed.

  • I counted the number of cakes I needed wrongly, can I make changes to my order?

    We seek your understanding that order is deemed confirmed once payment has been made, and no change will be allowed. This includes adding or reducing quantity, changing flavours, changing delivery date and time, changing delivery address.

    If changes are absolutely necessary, admin charges will be incurred.






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